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We answer the most Googled cleaning questions - Pleasant State

We answer the most Googled cleaning questions

April 07, 2022

You asked, so we answered!

How to clean shower screens:

Everyone dreams of a crystal clear shower screen. FINALLY we have a fool proof way to achieve it! Remove any soap scum with our Tub Scrub Bathroom Cleaner and microfibre towel. Then lightly spray our Stay Glassy Glass & Window Cleaner evenly over the surface. Use one side of the Stay Glassy microfibre towel to wipe off the spray, then use the other side to wipe the glass dry. Need more info? We’ve got a nifty shower cleaning hack on Instagram, as well as a more in-depth blog post.

How to clean an oven:

Are our healthy cleaning products strong enough to tackle an oven? You better believe it! Take out the metal shelves and pop them in a bath of warm water, then add some of our Homebody Multi-Purpose Cleaner solution into the water. Let these sit for a few hours before giving them a good scrub. Before placing back in the oven, give the whole oven a spray with our Multi-Purpose Cleaner and wipe off any grease and grime.

How to clean white shoes:

Get that new shoes feeling day, after day, after day! Simply add a small amount of our Homebody Multi-Purpose Cleaner solution to warm water and stir. Dampen one of our Multi-Purpose Microfibre Towels into the solution and then gently scrub your dirty shoes. For stubborn stains, you can use the little scrubby corner on the microfibre towel.

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