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How to get a streak-free mirror and window clean! - Pleasant State

How to get a streak-free mirror and window clean!

July 05, 2021

Here's how to get that streak free clean you've been dreaming of!

Ever wondered how to get that beautiful streak-free clean on your windows and mirrors? Lucky for you, our Stay Glassy glass and mirror spray cleaner provides a one way ticket to streak-free cleaning that'll have your windows and mirrors sparkling. Follow these fail-proof steps for a streak-free window clean at home with Pleasant State.

Step one: pre-clean (if necessary)

If it's really dirty, give it a quick clean with either our Tub Scrub non-toxic bathroom cleaner (best for shower screens) or Homebody multi-purpose spray (best for windows and mirrors) and microfibre towel first.

 Step two: get folding!

Fold your dry and clean Stay Glassy microfibre towel in half, and then half again.

 Step three: get trigger happy. 

Lightly spray our Stay Glassy, glass and window cleaner evenly over the surface. You don't need to be heavy-handed on this. A light spray will avoid drip marks.

Step four: wipe.

Grab your folded Stay Glassy microfibre towel and use one side to wipe off.

Step five: wipe again. 

For the ultimate streak-free clean, use a dry side of the Stay Glassy microfibre towel to go over it again.

Step six: sparkle!

Stand back and admire the results. Now you can see your beautiful face!

Ready to join the sparkly fun? Shop our non-toxic just-add-water cleaning products here.