The Pleasant Journey

If not us, then who?

The Pleasant Journey

If not us, then who?

Never mind a global pandemic, 2020 was the year we set out to revolutionise the way we clean our homes, and what a wild ride it's been. It all started with a crowdfunding campaign. Now, we're delivering planet changing products to thousands of forward-thinking Australian homes!

Our Why

The Pleasant State purpose

Honestly? Because it seemed like a no brainer. To do this right, we've had to start out small, but we have big plans to be the best. We all know that in this current climate, keeping your home and family healthy is more important than ever, but this doesn't mean we need to stock up on plastic baddies that are filled with toxic chemicals. That's not doing anyone any favours! Why go backwards when we can go forwards?

Our founders Ami and Sian banded together to create a sustainable solution when we needed it most. They've been blown away by the support of the community, suppliers and basically everyone they meet!

Pleasant State is changing the way we clean our homes. Cleaning products are no longer a necessary evil that's hidden under the kitchen sink. Instead they're beautiful, waste-free and non-toxic products that you can proudly display in your home.

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A Pleasant Letter

All hail the power of the people!

Ami and I are beyond grateful for the support people like you have given to our fight against single-use plastic and toxic cleaning chemicals in your homes. In March 2020, Pleasant State was just an idea.

After launching Pleasant State with a crowdfunding that raised over $87,000 from over 1,500 customers in 2020, we've built a community of over 25,000 amazing people, and together in 2021 we saved 50,725 plastic bottles from landfill, provided 25,363 litres of toxin-free cleaning⁠, and raised $10,053 for Take 3 For The Sea.

2022 is going to be even bigger as we work together to prevent a total of 150,000 plastic cleaning products from going to landfill, and build a business that will take us from a crowdfunding success story, to an iconic brand you see in all forward-thinking Australian homes. Just imagine!

With all this going on, Ami and I are committed to building an ethical brand that balances people, planet and profits. We're very proud of our B Corp Certification which is an endorsement that we're on the right track! We promise to always listen, always remain transparent, and always strive to be the best. Because you and our planet deserve it.

Sian Murray & Ami Bateman


Our Team

Pleasant State’s
co-working mates


Sian Murray

An advocate for adventure, conscious living and creative endeavours, Sian left her marketing job, packed up her life in Melbourne and moved to Noosa in 2019. The go to dreamer of the group, Sian has years of experience in Creative Digital Marketing, Social Media Management &; Public Relations. You’ll find Sian in front of the camera spreading the Pleasant State mission far and wide, but if by chance she’s not there, she’s probably snuck out of the office to go for a surf while she thought nobody was looking. Most importantly, Sian believes that we exist in a pivotal time in which it’s our responsibility to protect and change the way we interact with the planet.


Ami Bateman

Ami loves solving problems that no-one else is willing (or silly enough) to take on - be it in the corporate, start-up or not-for-profit landscapes. She’s never accepted the status quo and always fights against injustice. Ami looks after all the business side of things and ensures our team is moving together in the right direction. She holds an MBA and has a long history in big business and knows there’s a better way of doing things. She is compelled to prove that ethical decision-making is good for business, people and planet. Ami lives on the Sunshine Coast with her partner. You’ll often find her on the weekend patrolling the beach in her reds and yellows.

Customer Insights

Ranil Illesinghe

Ranil is obsessed with trying to understand what people do and why they do it. At Pleasant State, he uses this obsession to understand how we can make the best possible products for our awesome customers. He holds a Commerce Degree and a Graduate Diploma in Creative Arts and has undertaken significant customer insights projects across various industries such as movies and entertainment, property, retail, FMCG and government. He can talk about automotive history until the cows come home and balances the bright colour palette of everyone else at Pleasant State by living in Melbourne and wearing black.

eCommerce Advisor

Sasha Lincoln

With a passion for problem-solving and building better business, Sasha is no stranger to the start-up world. With a background in customer behaviour analysis, marketing, eCommerce and product development, she has helped grow a number of start-ups into profitable businesses. Now, she shares that experience with companies she truly values and believes in (like ours!). A big believer in balance, you’ll either find Sasha bending and stretching her way around a yoga room, or sipping a buttery chardonnay over a long lunch.

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