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Welcome to

Drop into the Revolution

Australia’s first just add water, no nasties
and no B.S. concentrated cleaning product.
We're working towards a sparkling clean
world that's free of single-use plastics.

Now available in Australia and the UK!

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Drop it like it’s well....
a cleaning product

Simply fill your Pleasant bottle with warm water, drop in the concentrated cleaning bar, watch as fizzes and dissolves (it's a little bit mesmerising) and then get spraying!

1. Fill

2. Drop

3. Spray

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The Unpleasant Truth

One garbage truck of plastic waste enters our oceans every minute, that’s eight million tonnes each year.

Those are scary numbers when you consider we’re looking at an ocean that has more plastic than fish by 2050. Our revolutionary concentrated bars mean you can fill the same bottle over and over again - now that’s a win. Make the switch to our single-use plastic free cleaning products, and have a pleasant journey.

Our Best Traits

Well some of them...

Super Effective

Formulated in Australia by an internationally recognised formulation chemist and tried and tested against the best-known household brands. It’s a super effective no nasties solution!

Reusable Bottle

Our pleasant bottle is all about long term relationships. Once empty, remove the need for single-use plastics by refilling the same bottle with another Homebody multi-purpose bar that's packaged in a certified home compostable wrapper. Tada! Now that’s modern day magic.

Purpose before Profits

We’re cutting the big business B.S. and making waves not ripples when it comes to social and environmental impacts.

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Pleasant Statements

We Love You Too!

Doing good is good for business and we’re glad you agree. We’ve invested heavily to deliver a product that not only works but it good for you, your family and our planet.

Find out for yourself
pre-order now.


Aesthetics brought me to Pleasant State, but it’s what is on the inside of this bottle that keeps me. A fresh fragrance and solid cleaning power, no nasties and all plastic free. This is the brand I’ve been waiting for to help me with my daily cleaning.


Not only is the reusable bottle totally genius, there is FINALLY a no-nasties cleaning option that actually works! Praise be!


This is one of the best cleaning products i have used. It is simple but effective. It leaves no streaks or marks after use. The design is also so beautiful that you can keep it on display. Also it is so environmentally friendly as well. This is truly an amazing product that i would recommend to anyone.


Love everything about this company and the core values they hold at the forefront of the business! I was never really aware of how much single use plastic was involved in the cleaning industry. This idea seems like the most sensible way to go in reducing our single use plastic consumption in our homes.


The experience with Pleasant State was exactly that: entirely pleasant! It smells great, works well, it’s very innovative with the dissolvable bar and the bottle aesthetics are on point. Excited to see where this female-led, ethical and Australian start up goes in the future!


I was totally blown away by how well this product worked. It smelt amazing! No smudging or fogginess when used on glass! Wipes away dirt & grime with ease! I love love love the reusable factor! The design was aesthetic, simple and gorgeous! Such a great product, never thought I'd be this pumped up about a cleaning product...


I have been using Pleasant State for a few weeks and I absolutely love it. The product is great and the company’s values are entirely aligned with mine. I’d recommend Pleasant State to anyone!


Great everyday cleaning spray that can be used across kitchen bathroom and on many surfaces to keep life simple. Love the natural lemon myrtle scent & the sleek bottle combined to the fact that I use far less plastic!


The Pleasant State Homebody spray works effectively and smells great. I love that it has no nasties, and is an excellent social enterprise.