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Meet the team and how they clean! - Pleasant State

Meet the team and how they clean!

March 04, 2021

Let's get personal.

We know who you are - A top notch human! So it's only fair we introduce some of the busy humans behind Pleasant State!
Sian Murray Co-founder Pleasant State
Co-Founder, Sian - has years of experience in Creative Digital Marketing, Social Media Management & Public Relations. She’s notorious for sneaking out to go for a surf when she thought nobody was looking.
Sian’s top cleaning hack: I live with housemates so for me one of the biggest struggles is getting everyone to clean up after themselves (don’t tell them I said that). My tip? Start a cleaning company so your housemates feel the need to use your products to show support 🤣. But seriously, having a product that smells naturally incredible makes everyone want to use it. 
Ami Bateman Co-founder Pleasant State
Co-Founder, Ami -  Ami has over 15 years' experience working on complex projects for Australia's largest organisations (i.e. EY, McDonald's, NAB, Federal Government). She loves solving problems that no-one else is willing (or silly enough) to take on. Ami looks after all the business side of things and ensures our team is moving together in the right direction. Ami lives on the Sunshine Coast and you’ll often find her on the weekend patrolling the beach in her reds and yellows.
Ami’s top cleaning hack: I use the Stay Glassy Window & Glass cleaner on my black kitchen cupboards. It makes them shine bright like a diamond!
Ranil team at Pleasant State
Our 'customer guy,' Ranil - is obsessed with trying to understand what people do and why they do it. At Pleasant State, he uses this obsession to understand how we can make the best possible products for our awesome customers. He balances the bright colour palette of everyone else at Pleasant State by living in Melbourne and wearing black.
Ranil’s top cleaning hack: I add a little bit of the Homebody Multi-Purpose cleaner into my portable steam cleaner when cleaning edges, the stove, the oven, etc. This Increases efficacy and smells really nice. 
Sasha team at Pleasant State
eCommerce guru, Sasha - has a background in customer behaviour analysis, marketing, eCommerce and product development, Sasha is no stranger to the start-up world. Now, she shares that experience with companies she truly values and believes in (like ours!). A big believer in balance, you’ll either find Sasha bending and stretching her way around a yoga room, or sipping a buttery chardonnay over a long lunch.
Sasha’s top cleaning hack: Start from the top and work your way down. Hit the fans first, then any bench tops, then the floor. It'll help you keep that lingering pesky dust at bay.
Wayne and Heather team at Pleasant State
Formulation chemist, Wayne and our Researcher Heather - This husband and wife power duo live on 44 acres of rainforest on the Mooloolah River in a solar-powered off-grid home with its own tank water and oversized septic system. Wayne is a strange mix of chemist and ‘greenie’ – and we mean that in the nicest possible way! Heather loves researching new subjects and navigating through Government Regulations when she isn’t crocheting!  
Wayne and Heather’s top cleaning hack: Clean your windows at night under torchlight to ensure a streak free clean! While not necessary for our customers (as we’ve done this test for you), this is how we tested the performance of the Stay Glassy Glass & Window cleaner. 
So there you go - a little bit about the rag-tag bunch of passionate humans that are committed to making Pleasant State as good as it can be. Get in touch anytime. Don't be shy to come say hi! Keen to try out some of these cleaning hacks? You can order our non-toxic eco-friendly cleaning products here.