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It's time to stop plastic and nasties at their source! - Pleasant State

It's time to stop plastic and nasties at their source!

October 28, 2020

The next big thing in eco-friendly, plastic-free and non-toxic cleaning products

Like us, you've no doubt replaced a number of your product in the home with environmentally friendly and non-toxic alternatives such as the food you eat and your personal care products.

When it comes to cleaning, you've probably tried your hardest to replace some things (where practicable - sometimes the bleach is the only thing that does the trick!) but how eco-friendly is your cleaning product? And do you know what's in it and what impact this is doing to you and your family's health? What about all that plastic waste when you throw it away?

How harmful are our traditional and eco-cleaning products?

Our research revealed that even the most enviro savvy of Australian consumers are still using anywhere between five to ten mainstream cleaning products in their homes. These products contain toxic ingredients which are proven to be seriously harmful to human health (i.e. petrochemical-derived ingredients, SLEs & SLSs, solvents, bleaches, PEGs, artificial fragrances etc.)

These same consumers told us that even when they've made the switch to more eco-friendly cleaning options they're still packaged in single-use plastic throwaway bottles and the ingredients don't always stack up - sometimes they still contain nasties veiled as non-toxic, and sadly they don't do the most important thing required of a cleaning solution - they just don't possess the grease and grim cutting power we expect.

Lastly, we're effectively transporting water around the country (yep, your spray and wipes consist of 95%+ water) adding to our already alarming transport emissions.

Why are we still buying cleaning options that are harmful to people (us) and our planet?

Why? Let's be frank - there have been no good alternatives available to you to assist in your eco-friendly, plastic-free and non-toxic cleaning goals.

Enter Pleasant State. We've created an Australian made, no nasties and no B.S. option that's just as effective as the plastic cleaning products you have under your sink.

You simply fill your Pleasant reusable bottle with warm water, drop in your concentrated bar, let it dissolve and then get spraying. When you run out, you just repeat the process! We have no single-use plastics in our products or our supply chain.

What can I do to change this?

There are several things you can do to make a difference. Do a little good, and join the good fight to reduce single-use plastics and nasty cleaning ingredients by making the switch to sustainable products such as Pleasant State.

Why not go one step further and start calling on other brands that you support to start eliminating plastics and harmful ingredients in their cleaning products.

It's time to stop plastic and nasties at their source!