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How to compost Pleasant State wrappers

June 09, 2021
Let's break it down! 

Did you know plastic can take anywhere between 20 and 500 years to decompose?!? Take a look at some everyday items you may encounter throughout your life... Plastic bags you get from the grocery store can take 20 years. That plastic-lined coffee cup you just ordered - 30 years. Plastic straws - 200 years. Plastic bottles - 450 years!!! That's why here at Pleasant State we've made the pledge to ditch the single use plastics once and for all. 

Not only are our reusable (and might we add, beautiful) spray bottles free from single-use plastics, but our solution bar wrappers are 100% home compostable too.  This means that every material used in the packaging with break down into organic soil. How good is science?! 

Not sure just how harmful regular cleaning products are on our beautiful planet? Check out our blog post which explains this in a little more detail here. 

Here's how it works. 
Step 1: Remove the bar from the home compostable wrapper. Place the bar into your Pleasant State bottle. 

How to compost Pleasant State wrappers 

Step 2: Break the wrapper into small pieces before placing it in your home compost bin or green waste bin. 

How to compost Pleasant State wrappers 2 

Step 3: And that's it! The wrapper will take approximately 180 days (not years!) to break down. Now you're ready to have a waste-free and sparkly clean time. 

How to compost Pleasant State wrappers 3 

If you're still using single-use plastic cleaning products, it's time to make the switch. Our refillable eco-friendly cleaning products not only smell amazing, they are super effective and are great for the environment, as you can compost the refill bar wrappers from your very own home. Pretty cool, huh? 

Handy Tip: Don't have a compost or green waste bin? Visit to see if there are any communal compost bins in your area.