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How to: Dissolve our concentrated cleaning bars - Pleasant State

How to: Dissolve our concentrated cleaning bars

December 08, 2021

How to: Dissolve our concentrated cleaning bars

Our revolutionary concentrated bars dissolve in water to create effective, non-toxic and plastic-free cleaning products, how good is that?! The process is simple: fill your bottle with water, drop the bar in, wait for it to dissolve and then get cleaning!

As with any new brand and game-changing product, we’re constantly learning and evolving so we can ensure your clean is as pleasant as possible. A few of our amazing customers have been asking great questions. So we thought we would put together some great answers!

What temperature water should I use to dissolve my bars?

When we first sent out our revolutionary concentrated bars, we recommended using warm water to dissolve the bars. Since then we have found that the hotter the water, the faster it will dissolve. We now suggest filling your bottle with hot (but not boiling) water so that your bars dissolve as quickly as possible. We find that turning your tap to the hottest setting works for us but if you are still having trouble with your bars dissolving, try filling your bottle three-quarters of the way up with hot water, place the bar into the bottle, and then top up with a small amount of boiling water. Sometimes in cooler temperatures, the bars can take a little longer to dissolve — but have no fear! Regardless of temperature, the bars will eventually break down.

Why does the cleaning solution look cloudy?

If the solution is looking a little cloudy it means that the bottle (and liquid inside) is cold. No need to worry, the product still does its job perfectly! You can try giving the bottle a little shake, just make sure the nozzle is closed to the 'X' position and screwed on tight to avoid any leaks!

What should I do when waiting for my bars to dissolve?

Planning a big day of cleaning? We recommend dissolving your bars the night before so they’ve good to go and there’s no waiting around. That being said, there are plenty of fun things to do while you wait for your bars to dissolve, they generally take 1-2 hours. If watching a bar slowly dissolve in water isn’t mesmerising to you (questionable but okay), here are some ideas to kill the time:

1. FaceTime a friend

2. Bake a cake

3. Watch Seaspiracy

4. Treat yourself to an online yoga class

Do you have any other questions about our concentrated cleaning bars? Head to our FAQ page or email us at