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Why Green Friday? - Pleasant State

Why Green Friday?

November 23, 2021

Black Green Friday Seconds Sale

Green Friday is a movement that promotes mindful shopping that is less harmful to the environment. As we approach one of the biggest online shopping weekends of the year we want to challenge our community to consume consciously. This means not buying more than they need, shopping sustainable brands or not shopping at all.

To ensure we're not adding to the overconsumption problem Pleasant State is running a Green Friday Sale where we'll have 40% off all Seconds Kits, featuring near-perfect bottles that would have otherwise ended up going to waste.

You may have noticed that we don't really discount very often. This is because we believe in the value and quality of our products.

Despite everyone's best efforts, our first run of bottle manufacturing resulted in a small amount of 'imperfect' bottles. Some may have small scratches or bubbles in the glass, others may have little marks, tiny contaminants or small indents in the silicone and some quirky bottles have both! ⁠

As part of our mission to minimise waste and do business ethically, we have decided to offer these up to our amazing customers at a HEAVILY discounted price, so they don't end up going to waste.

We have a very limited number of these perfectly imperfect bottles available, which means you need to get in quick. Sign up for early access now.

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In the meantime, here are some other tips for shopping sustainably this Black Green Friday:

Make a wishlist 
Write down what items you would like to purchase during the Green Friday sale period. Stick to your list to avoid buying items you don't necessarily need.

Create a budget
Similar to making a wishlist, you should know how much you want to spend on each item. Figure out how much the items will cost you and if you can afford them. 

Do your research
Look into which brands are sustainable, and which ones you should stay away from. Ethical Made Easy is a great directory where you can browse sustainable brands from all categories including homewares and fashion. Good On You has thousands of fashion brand ratings as well as informative and education articles about sustainable fashion.

You don't have to spend
Like we said before, if you're not able to shop sustainable brands don't shop at all. Black Friday generates a huge amount of waste each year, if you don't really need anything, or if the item is not sustainable, think twice before purchasing. Remember there is no 'away' when you throw something out.