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What you need to know about zero waste cleaning — Australia - Pleasant State

What you need to know about zero waste cleaning — Australia

February 05, 2022

The ultimate guide to help you move to zero waste cleaning

Let’s be real; Rome wasn’t built in a day! Moving to zero waste cleaning takes time too! Discover what to focus on and what to avoid when you want to make the change to zero waste cleaning.

So, word on the street is you want to ditch the plastic and chemical nasties and adopt zero waste cleaning for your household. 

That’s great news. By embracing zero waste cleaning products — Australia, our sea-girt home, thanks you. Now more than ever.

The latest waste stats have shown household waste has crept up since the start of the p-word (pandemic); an unfortunate consequence of us spending more time at home.

In fact, Canada Bay City Council in Sydney reported an increase of 50 per cent in household materials over April 2020 when compared to 2019.

Gross right?

Aussies are known to produce 540kg of household waste per person each year. So, you making the choice to go green and embrace eco cleaning absolutely makes a difference.

Now comes the hard part, actually knowing where to start.

Zero waste cleaning — The #1 trap to avoid

Making the decision to cut down on waste is an admirable goal, but waaaay too often we hear from people who fall into the trap of thinking they have to start living a 100 per cent zero waste lifestyle overnight.

This is unrealistic and leads to what we have dubbed “green fatigue”.

You don’t want to overhaul all your habits at once. This isn’t sustainable and doesn’t give you the chance to find alternatives and products you like — all of this can lead to you losing sight of the bigger picture.

Being able to see the wood from the trees is the whole point of zero waste, in our book.

At Pleasant State we recommend adopting gradual changes and the first step is, you guessed it, cleaning.

This is because cleaning products are one of the biggest generators of waste in the household. Australians buy more than 23 million cleaning products a year, and sadly, much of this is packaged in single-use plastic.

After you’ve found zero waste cleaning products you like, then you can focus on cutting down on things like food and clothing waste.

Zero waste cleaning products in Australia

To overhaul your cleaning routine first break down what’s needed in a cleaning kit.

This shouldn’t differ too much from home to home. Generally, to clean a house you need:

Cloths or rags for wiping
A multi-use cleaning spray for surfaces
Window cleaner
Bathroom cleaner
A spray bottle to distribute aforementioned cleaners
Detergent for dishes, cups
Dish scrubs
Dustpan and broom

Want the good news?

All of the items listed above have been turned into zero waste household cleaning products. You just need to know where and what to look for.

Because we’re excited and don’t want to wait for the next sub-heading here’s a tip; when it comes to items like brooms, dustpans, and dish scrubs — buy bamboo versions. They don’t contain plastic and usually last longer. For cloths, look for microfibre options, like the vibrant ones we created to get the most out of your cleaning.

Best zero waste cleaning products

For the other cleaning products — cleaners and spray bottles — you’re going to want to invest in refillable, multi-use products.

This helps the environment in two ways;

Cuts down on the production of packaging,
Limits the need for multiple cleaning products.

Now you may be thinking, what happens when the cleaner runs out? Where can I refill my cleaning products or where to buy a spray bottle?

Refillable cleaning products in Australia are relatively easy to find. In fact, refillable products should be the basic tenet of any brand claiming to be eco-friendly.

At Pleasant State, all of our items are designed to be zero waste. Let us run you through how they work.

We consulted with a world-renowned formulation chemist (Wayne) to produce our concentrated cleaning bars.

These dissolve in water to create effective, non-toxic and plastic-free multi-purpose, glass and bathroom cleaning solutions. We also have a mixed bulk refill cleaning products option for customers.

The bars are designed to be used with our glass, clear cleaner spray bottle. We have three colour-coded bottles available, so you don’t mix up the cleaning bars:

Yellow for multi-purpose cleaning
Light blue for windows
Dark blue for bathrooms

If a glass bottle is smashed, keep the silicone sleeves and plastic trigger and drop us a line. We will send you just the glass for your replacement bottle, to which you can add the saved silicon and plastic.

Now, we often get asked, what’s the best way to dispose of our refill wrappers?

We’re happy to report they are completely home compostable, which means the refill wrappers for our cleaning products actually give back to the environment.

All you need is home composting, but that’s a blog post for another time.