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Get to know our new Dish Wash Detergent! - Pleasant State

Get to know our new Dish Wash Detergent!

November 11, 2022

So how do our 'Australian first' dish wash bars work?

After sending our revolutionary new dish wash detergent, we've received a bunch of amazing reviews, feedback and support from our customers. Thank you to everyone that has reached out or left a review, it means the world and helps us ensure we're always improving.

Throughout this time there have been a few recurring questions, so we wanted to give you a bit more information on how and why our Australian first new just-add-water dish wash bars work.

Setting up your dish wash detergent.

You set up your dish wash the same way you set up our cleaning products! But the dish wash needs two bars and takes between 6-8 hours to dissolve. We recommend setting it up overnight. Although it needs two bars, you only pay for one refill! All single dish wash refill orders will automatically come with two bars!"

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How does it work?

We have four very effective surfactants in our products which are there to remove grease and grime. You'll notice that our formula easily removes food scraps etc from your plates/cups and when dried there is no oil residue. This is the surfactants working their magic!

You might find that our product doesn’t bubble up as much as some dish wash products you might get at the supermarket. A lot of bubbles in your sink doesn’t necessarily mean it’s cleaning. In fact, many mainstream supermarket brands add harsh ingredients like sulphates to create foam and increase the perception of efficacy. It’s something so many of us are unfortunately used to but ultimately more bubbles don't equal a better clean. It’s all about surfactants!

Want more bubbles?

If you’re looking for more bubbles in your sink then you can try adding more solution or pouring the solution into the running water which helps agitate it. Agitating the water more by hand is also a way to increase the bubble factor. Other ideas include using a dish wand or using the product directly on your cloth or dish brush.

We worked hard to get as many bubbles as possible as we know this is what many people are used to, but we also needed to ensure we weren’t adding any nasty ingredients. We will however continue striving to constantly improve our products so they meet all your expectations in a healthy way.


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