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Buy cleaning supplies online with Pleasant State - Pleasant State

Buy cleaning supplies online with Pleasant State

December 02, 2022

Buy cleaning supplies online, because who wants to walk down an aisle anymore...

Cleaning brands always promise an easy, low-fuss way to clean. They want to help you avoid manual labour or paying the “elbow tax”, but what about the “grocery shopping tax”?

You know... that time you spend writing lists, driving, walking down aisles, unpacking the shopping, only to realise you forgot to get toilet cleaner... again!

Over the past two years (for reasons we are well aware of), there has been an increase in online shopping as households turned to their computers to help stock their homes with food, clothes, indoor plants, and sourdough starter kits.

What about getting cleaning supplies online?

Yep. The future is here. Welcome.

Natural cleaning solutions at your fingertips

Long gone are the days when you had to find a special eco-living store just to buy natural and environmentally friendly cleaning products. With purchasing cleaning products online, shopping has never been easier.

If you are saying, “I can buy any old cheap cleaning supplies online – Australia has heaps of easy options!” well here is some food for thought...

• According to the American Lung Association, “chemicals released when using cleaning supplies contribute to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions and headaches.” So maybe the solution to your headache isn’t “drinking more water”, maybe it is swapping your household cleaner!

• Turning to the environment now; sadly, one garbage truck of plastic waste enters our oceans every minute, which is eight million tonnes each year!

That is why we at Pleasant State decided to make the best Australian cleaning products ever!

Our snazzy, refillable home cleaning range is:

• Plant-based

• Asthma and allergy-friendly

• Safe for food surfaces

• Family, pet, and ocean safe

• Fragrances, colours, and preservative-free

• Biodegradable, greywater, and septic safe

• Cruelty-free and vegan

• Zero-waste (home compostable wrappers)

Not only that, but our kits also come with microfibre towels to avoid any plastic wet wipes or paper towels ending up in landfill... or from going down the toilet! Ewww....

Once you have your Pleasant State cleaning kit, you can easily sign-up for our refill subscription service and receive 25% off your order every single time!

Want to learn more? Find out how to dissolve our cleaning bars to start your Pleasant journey today.

Benefits of an online cleaning supplies subscription

Cleaning products + online shopping = simple

Cleaning products + online subscription = simple(r)

• FOCUS ON WHAT’S IMPORTANT: No more writing lists, long drives, or walking down aisles with a child who keeps crying because they didn’t get a new pencil. Set up an online cleaning subscription and focus on what is important: your hobbies and family... not toilet cleaner.

• FORGET ABOUT IT: Sometimes the best gift is not having to think, remember, or worry about something. Buying your home cleaning supplies online with a subscription ticks an item off your list... permanently. The only surprise you get is when that box arrives at your doorstep.

• CREATE A SAFE HOME: Creating a natural and low tox home has never been easier! It can be difficult to trust cleaning brands in the supermarket; how much of their “110% natural” is actually natural? Buying cleaning products online gives you the chance to research ingredients and ethics and find what is truly important to you and your lifestyle.

• SUPPORT LOCAL: Buying Australian cleaning products has never been easier than when you buy online. Big supermarkets often stock products that are the cheapest and easiest to wholesale – meaning they don’t always support quality or Aussie businesses. When you buy online, you have the chance to support locals and contribute to your community. Learn more about our founders Ami and Sian here. Hint, they’re pretty cool.

How does an online subscription work?

1. Choose your fave products and refill packs

2. Select how often you’d like your refills delivered (every 8, 12, or 16 weeks)

3. Skip, change, or cancel your subscription anytime (you will get an email 3 days before delivery, plenty of time to make additions or changes)

Create a happier planet and healthier homes. Two per cent of Pleasant State profits go to Take 3 For The Sea. Thanks!!

For more info, check out our subscription service to SAVE 25% off refills for every subscription purchase!! Super flexible and super convenient.

Your pleasant journey is a simple click away

Sustainable and ethical living is now a click away (you don’t have to go live in a jungle hut or mountain cabin to live sustainably anymore... although, that does sound pretty nice). The worldwide boom in online shopping has opened up doors for so many people to access what is important to them.

We want your values and passions to be brilliant, not a burden. That is why we made it simple to purchase your cleaning products online Australia-wide. It takes just one... > click <