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Best sustainable swaps for eco-friendly homes

November 07, 2022

Eco-friendly homes explained

Do you keep hearing these buzzwords: eco-friendly homes, sustainable, low tox, and ethical? Are you wondering exactly what they mean and how to have an eco-friendly home?

Well, to put it simply, the above words (AKA lifestyles) are becoming popular for very important reasons, and if you want to:

1. create a mindful and safe home

2. advocate for the rights of fellow humans (especially the underprivileged)

3. protect wildlife and clean up our planet

...then this way of life is for you too!

Quick FYI: An eco-friendly, or environmentally friendly, home is a home that has a low impact on the environment and uses sustainable practices for ongoing living. It is a lifestyle that encourages responsible consumption in order to protect resources for future generations.

Eco-friendly inspiration!

One of the most disheartening things about starting a new journey, or learning about a new topic, is feeling alone or feeling like you have no one to share your new passions with. To help inspire you on this journey, here are some friendly faces:

Dr Anita Vandyke @rocket_science

Anita is a rocket scientist, doctor, and bestselling author of the book, A Zero Waste Life. Impressive right!? Her content is focused on budget and boutique options for anyone looking at reducing waste and embracing an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Kate Hall @EthicallyKate

In her own words, Kate is “your guide to sustainable and JOY-FILLED living”. Her funky content has great tips from composting to slow fashion and anywhere in between!

Kathryn Nelson @plasticfreemermaid

When she is not living it up in the ocean, Kathryn is educating her audience on the dangers of single-use plastic and providing tips on how to live a plastic-free life.

Sustainable swaps for an eco-friendly home

Now it’s time for some simple eco swaps!


• Swap generic paper towels with a Pleasant Cloth! One Pleasant Cloth is equivalent to 17 rolls of paper towel. They are made from 100% biodegradable cotton and cellulose (plants). Our cloths are super absorbent, certified home compostable, and look cute too! Best of all: our cloths are machine washable and last over 6 months!

• Say goodbye to plastic cling wrap. There are so many fantastic alternatives for keeping food safe and fresh, such as glass jars, metal containers, or reusable food wraps (also known as Beeswax wraps). Seed & Sprout Co have some great food storage options available. If you are a fan of traditional cling wrap, then Great Wrap is the solution for you. Great Wrap makes compostable cling wrap! Yep, that’s right. The future is here!


• Traditional soap bars are making a comeback! Not only do soap bars usually contain natural ingredients (low tox), but they avoid plastic bottles ending up in landfill. For soap storage, you could consider a handy Block Dock or Soap Bag.

Tip: If you prefer liquid soap, you can grate soap scraps and mix them with boiling water (then blend) to make a lathering body soap. The soap dilutes in the water a little bit like our cleaning refills.


• This may be a pretty obvious tip, but investing in a reusable water bottle can prevent so much single-waste plastic from going to landfill. If you have a small handbag or laptop bag, memobottle may be the solution for your everyday water solutions.

If you want to reduce the plastic that comes into your home when shopping, we recommend checking out your local bulk food store. The Source Bulk Foods has lots of products from dry goods, eco homeware, and body products. Take in your own containers or bags and avoid plastic packaging!

Eco-swap: Natural cleaning products for home improvement

Would you take a sip of chemical toilet cleaner? No! Right?

Millions of households every single day are washing their bodies and cleaning their homes with thousands of chemicals, and if not treated, these end up in our waterways and coastal environments. This can lead to unsafe drinking water for animals and humans and contribute to toxic pollution.

It is no wonder that consumers are on the lookout for the best natural cleaning products.

That is why we at Pleasant State created an effective range of eco-friendly home cleaning products.

All our products are:

• Made with plant-based surfactants

• Asthma and allergy-friendly

• Safe for food surfaces

• Family, pet, and ocean safe

• No artificial fragrances, colours, or preservatives

• Biodegradable, greywater, and septic safe

• Cruelty-free and vegan

• Zero-waste, home compostable wrappers

Being conscious about what we bring into our home is very important, but what goes out of our home is also worth having a think about. You are the consumer; you have the power! You get to choose chemical-free cleaning products Australia wide!

Here to support you on your eco journey

We’re working towards a world free of single-use plastic and toxic cleaning chemicals and wish to share this journey with you. Come and learn more about sustainability at Pleasant State. Let’s create eco-friendly homes Australia wide... no, wait... worldwide!