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Must have 2022 kitchen cleaning hacks! - Pleasant State

Must have 2022 kitchen cleaning hacks!

September 02, 2022

Say hello to a pleasantly clean home. You open thecupboard underneath the sink

plastic bottles and multiple cleaning products fall onto the floor. There is a strange and funky smell wafting from the back of the cupboard. You close the cupboard and ignore it. It will go away, right?

Wrong. But don’t worry!

Thanks to this quick guide, you don’t have to ignore that nasty smell anymore! Get rid of all of those toxic kitchen cleaner products and follow our must-have kitchen clean tips. Plus, we’ll show you th

• Water

• A low-waste, low-tox multipurpose cleaner

(we suggest our Homebody Multi-Purpose Kit)

• Extra Cloths or Microfibre Towel

• Old toothbrush (yes, we will explain!)

Here are all the things you will save:

• Save cupboard space by throwing out those toxic plastic bottles

• Save dollars by avoiding unnecessary sprays and wipes

• Save time by never running out of cleaning supplies again

• Save the environment by switching to our zero waste cleaners

Before we get into it...

We mentioned the Homebody multi-purpose cleaner earlier which is great for all surfaces and can replace any traditional kitchen cleaner spray. The Homebody multi-purpose cleaner is non-tox and low-waste due to being made from plant-based, rather than petroleum-derived, ingredients. You can refill the glass bottle with our Multi-Purpose Refill Packs that come in home-compostable wrappers. So for those extra dirty areas, such as the inside of your fridge and kitchen sink, tackle it all with the Homebody multi-purpose cleaner and the refreshing scent of lemon myrtle essential oil. Mmmm, citrus fresh!

Stop getting exhausted when cleaning your rangehood

If you have already perfected our Spring Cleaning tips, you will know that we recommend cleaning from the top and working your way down. This means that dusting and wiping down overhead kitchen cupboards and kitchen exhausts is the best place to start.

For an effective kitchen exhaust cleaner, we recommend using our Homebody Multi-Purpose Kit. Our microfibre towels are perfect for use on stainless steel and even have a scrubby corner to tackle grease and tough spots! Microfibre towels can pick up dirt, dust, grease, liquid, and even bacteria! Amazing, right?

For an extra deep kitchen hood cleaner hack, remove the exhaust filter and soak in boiling water to get rid of grease and fat. Once soaked, spray with our Stay Glassy Glass and Window Cleaning Kit (with Glass Microfibre Towel) for extra shiny, streak-free results!

High-five your high-touch surfaces

Thank your countertops for all that they do for you.

Did you know that many traditional kitchen cleaners and even DIY products such as vinegar can actually damage your benchtop? Soap and homemade window cleaner – vinegar as well – can create a build-up and make your bench look cloudy.

While we love a good home cleaning recipe, it can be easier to avoid this build-up and chemical concoction with a good quality low-tox cleaner that has a little more kick. All you need to do is spray and wipe – the healthy way.

You want to protect the bench that makes your tastiest food, but you also need to protect your health. It is a good idea to ask what chemicals are you using at home. Food preparation is especially important for hygiene, so a top tip is to avoid toxic cleaners coming in contact with your favourite food and drinks!

Simple cleaner for kitchen sink grime! Eww...

Okay, let's tackle that sink. Forget those kitchen sink cleaner liquid bottles or toxic acidic scrubs. There are some very simple tips to keep the grime (and smell) away!

Tip 1: Boiling water may seem like a simple trick, but it is effective. Boiling water not only kills bacteria but softens any tough stains. Pouring boiling water in your sink not only preps the sink for a good clean but clears those drains as well!

Tip 2: Clean sink edges and faucets with an old toothbrush! Yes, simply scrub those hard-to-reach places or edges with a fine toothbrush to get the deep clean you desire! (Only use an old toothbrush you’re not planning on cleaning your teeth with again... obviously)

Tip 3: Oftentimes odours and grime build up, not in the sink, but in sponges, dish brushes, and sponge holders or baskets. Give your sponges, dish brushes, and any sink baskets a good soak in hot water or put them through a cycle in the dishwasher for an extra tough clean!

Tip 4: If you haven’t already, it is a good idea to get a drainer plug for your sink. A drainer plug will help to catch food scraps and avoid rotting

Let there be light, don’t forget the windows!

Turn to our Stay Glassy Glass and Window Kit for the perfect natural window cleaner solution to finish off your kitchen clean! Get the best non-toxic window cleaner with our streak-free solution and matching microfibre cloth and let the natural daylight shine through to your beautifully clean Kitchen!

If you loved our kitchen clean tips and learning about our non-toxic, zero-waste Homebody Multi-Purpose Kit, then check out our eco-friendly cleaning product range here. If you are already a Pleasant State fan don’t forget to sign-up for refill subscriptions to receive 25% off all refill orders!