Blunt Cases

Coming soon to a sink near you...

Help us launch our non-toxic and zero-waste hand and dish wash!

We've rocked your cleaning world, so now it's time to mix things up with The Suds Box!

Featuring not one but TWO amazing new products, a just-add-water hand wash and dish wash detergent. In order to help us fund the manufacture of two new exciting glass and silicone bottles, we'll be running a pre-order in March. Register for 40% off and early access so you don't miss out!

Why should I pre-register?

If you sign up we'll give you first access to the pre-order! A whole 12 hours before we open it to the masses.

Why is that important?

You'll also be the first to access an impressive 40% discount which won't stick around for long (consider it a BIG thank you for backing us early!)

We've received a bunch of requests for these products so we know they're going to be popular.

Be sure to sign up so you can get involved, support our dreams and avoid major FOMO of course!