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Aesthetics brought me to Pleasant State, but it’s what is on the inside of this bottle that keeps me. A fresh fragrance and solid cleaning power, no nasties and all plastic free. This is the brand I’ve been waiting for to help me with my daily cleaning. – Samantha

Not only is the reusable bottle totally genius, there is FINALLY a no-nasties cleaning option that actually works! Praise be! – Holly

This is one of the best cleaning products i have used. It is simple but effective. It leaves no streaks or marks after use. The design is also so beautiful that you can keep it on display. Also it is so environmentally friendly as well. This is truly an amazing product that i would recommend to anyone. – Alex

Love everything about this company and the core values they hold at the forefront of the business! I was never really aware of how much single use plastic was involved in the cleaning industry. This idea seems like the most sensible way to go in reducing our single use plastic consumption in our homes. – Evie

The experience with Pleasant State was exactly that: entirely pleasant! It smells great, works well, it’s very innovative with the dissolvable bar and the bottle aesthetics are on point. Excited to see where this female-led, ethical and Australian start up goes in the future! – Rhys

I was totally blown away by how well this product worked. It smelt amazing! No smudging or fogginess when used on glass! Wipes away dirt & grime with ease! I love love love the reusable factor! The design was aesthetic, simple and gorgeous! Such a great product, never thought I'd be this pumped up about a cleaning product... – Carla

I have been using Pleasant State for a few weeks and I absolutely love it. The product is great and the company’s values are entirely aligned with mine. I’d recommend Pleasant State to anyone! – Aimy

Great everyday cleaning spray that can be used across kitchen bathroom and on many surfaces to keep life simple. Love the natural lemon myrtle scent & the sleek bottle combined to the fact that I use far less plastic! – Isabelle

The Pleasant State Homebody spray works effectively and smells great. I love that it has no nasties, and is an excellent social enterprise. – Chris

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