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Product Trial Rules

The Product Trial will take place between 30 March - May 2022 and will involve a total 200 volunteers selected by us from those who signed up. If you are selected, you agree to take part in accordance with these Rules. We may postpone, cancel or change the Product Trial at any time by letting you know.

1. Definitions:

“We/us/our” means Good Day Co. Pty Ltd (ACN 639 178 537, trading as “Pleasant State”), including our officers, directors, shareholders, agents, employees, contractors and sub-contractors. Our contact details are [address, phone number, email].

“Instructions” means the instructions for testing and evaluating the Product.

“Product” means our concentrated dish wash soap bar, together with a sticker label that you can use on any 300ml+ bottle you have at home. 

2. If you are selected to take part in the Product Trial, we will notify you and send you a sample of the Product together with the Instructions. Please let us know if the Product does not arrive or is lost or damaged in any way. You agree that:
- you are 18 or over;
- you will read the Instructions before using the Product, and follow the Instructions during the Product Trial;
- taking part in the Product Trial is free and you are not being paid;
- you are not employed by or connected with any of our competitors.
- there are no other circumstances affecting your ability to take part in this Product Trial.

3. During the Product Trial, please test and evaluate the Product as extensively as you can following these Rules and the Instructions, and don’t misuse the Product for other purposes.

4. At the end of the Product Trial, if we ask you, you must return any unused Product to us. We’ll pay for the postage.

5. We’ll ask you for your feedback on the Product’s performance. Please let us know your genuine thoughts on the Product by the date specified. You can also send us photos or videos, and we may ask to take our own photos or videos of you during the Product Trial. You agree to let us use your feedback and any photos and videos for our future development and promotion of the Product.

6. We have developed the Product to be safe when used in accordance with the Instructions. However, the Product is not yet on general sale, and taking part in this Product Trial may pose some risk to you or your property. If you have any concerns, or you notice any adverse effects during the Product Trial, you must:
- stop using the Product immediately;
-seek medical advice if necessary;
- let us know as soon as you can.

7. As far as the law allows, we will only be liable for injuries or damage caused by use of the Product in accordance with these Rules and the Instructions, and not for any injuries or damage caused by misuse of the Product, nor for any punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages.

8. You agree that the Product Trial is taking place on a confidential basis and you won’t share your feedback or any other information about the Product with anyone except us. You agree not to sell, give, loan or share the Product to anyone else without our prior written consent.

9. We will keep your personal information secure and use it as set out in our Privacy Policy which can be found at

10. The Product Trial and these Rules are subject to Queensland law and the Queensland courts.“Product Trial” means this trial of the Product over the period between 30 March - May 2022.