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How to compost our bar wrappers at home! - Pleasant State

How to compost our bar wrappers at home!

October 17, 2022

How to compost our bar wrappers at home!

Did you know our bar wrappers are home compostable? This means that every material used in the packaging will break down into organic soil. How good is science!?

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So how does it work!?

Our bar packaging is 100% certified home compostable by TÜV AUSTRIA’s OK Compost Home certification and the Australian standard ABA Certification. It's pieced together with organic materials that have no toxins and is certified to breakdown and disappear in less than 26 weeks! Our revolutionary packaging is made by Compost Me and printed in Queensland!


Step 1: Remove the bars from the home compostable wrapper. Place the bar into your Pleasant State bottle. 

How to compost Pleasant State wrappers 

Step 2: Break the wrapper into small pieces before placing it in your home compost bin or green waste bin. 

How to compost Pleasant State wrappers 2 

Step 3: And that's it! The wrapper will take approximately 26 weeks to break down. Now it's time to get cleaning in a healthy and sustainable way!

How to compost Pleasant State wrappers 3 

It's time to make the switch to our  zero-waste, healthy and ridiculously good looking products! They smell amazing, they're super effective and are MUCH better for the environment, as you can compost the refill bar wrappers from your very own home. Pretty cool, huh? 

Handy Tip: Don't have a compost or green waste bin at home? Visit to see if there are any communal compost bins in your area.