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Four tips to start the year right in 2023. - Pleasant State

Four tips to start the year right in 2023.

January 04, 2023

A clean slate with Pleasant State!

Ahh... As the holidays draw to a close we hope you're reminiscing on days spent with loved ones, a good book by the pool and a smorgasbord of your favourite foods. But you know what they say..."All good things must come to an end," so let's turn our attention to 2023 as we share our top tips for keeping your cup filled as you head back to business as usual.


As you transition back to work it's important to ensure you're giving yourself enough time to recover. Aim for at least 7 hours and try to limit your screen time before bed.

Ease back into your workout regime.

Skipped the gym for the beach over summer? We don't blame you! Be sure to ease back into your usual workout regime and be kind to yourself if it's a slow process. Our Co-Founder Sian loves to ease back into things with a few days of yoga. We recommend Yoga with Adrienne's free Youtube channel! Once you're ready for something of a higher intensity, the P.S. team has been loving the Keep it Cleaner app!

Reduce toxins from your life!

We all know it's important to remove toxic people from your life and the same goes for the products you use at home! Look for products that have been independently verified as safe/non-toxic, sustainable, responsible and ethical by the Clean + Conscious Awards. They have an amazing directory that you can use as a resource.

Make time for you!

Whether it's 30 minutes of reading before bed, a fortnightly pedicure, or a Sunday morning reset with Pleasant State. Be sure to make time for you! Because let's face it, you're the most important person here.